Largest natural-birth baby arrives in Spain

A 40-year-old British woman has given birth to a girl weighing 6.2 kilos, the biggest baby ever born naturally in Spain. Maxime Marin delivered the baby a on Wednesday in the Mediterranean city of Denia. Both the baby - named Maria Lorena Marin - and the mother were doing well after the birth, although the newborn remains in the neonatal care unit. Larger babies are often delivered via caesarean section.

Key words:

natural-birth = sinh tự nhiên
delivered = sinh
Mediterranean city
= thành phố Địa Trung Hải
neonatal care unit
= phòng chăm sóc trẻ sơ sinh
caesarean section
= sinh mổ

Bangkok named World's Best City

Bangkok has once again been named the "World's Best City" by Travel & Leisure magazine. The Thai capital has received the honor in each of the last four years. The title of world's best city was determined by  questionnaires the magazine sent to its readers. When the responses were compiled, Bangkok topped the list with a score of 90.42%, followed by Istanbul, Turkey at 89.9% and Florence, Italy at 89.8%. Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand ranked 10th with a score of 88.1%. The magazine said each city was rated according to six criteria: sights, culture/arts, restaurants/food, people, shopping, and value. The magazine will formally present the award to the Bangkok governor on July 18 in a ceremony in New York City.
Bangkok Post

Key words:

determined = xác định
compiled = biên soạn
= tiêu chí
= điểm tham quan
= buổi lễ