Harry Potter Theme Park to Open in Osaka Japan

Harry Potter Theme Park to Open in Osaka Japan Langhub.com เรียนภาษาอังกฤษจากข่าว

A new theme park called “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” will open in Osaka Japan in late 2014. The sprawling attraction will be modeled after a theme park that opened at Universal Orlando Resort in 2010, in the US state of Florida. The Osaka attraction will feature replicas of famous Harry Potter landmarks such as Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade Village. The harry Potter series is very popular in Japan. The films have grossed about $900 million at the box office and attracted more than 78 million moviegoers.
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Key words:

theme park = công viên chủ đề
sprawling = bành trướng
= mô hình
= bước ngoặc
= thu được

Fans would give up food, jobs for World Cup glory

A survey by international calling firm VIP Communications found that 51 percent of football fans would be willing to starve themselves for a week in exchange for their national squad winning the World Cup. More than 40 percent offered to give up dating for a year, while 7 percent said they would gladly give up their job to see their country win the title. And, 4 percent said they were willing to give away a body part. Taking part in the survey were 20,000 people who live in North America but hail from countries with teams in this year’s World Cup in South Africa.

Key words:

Survey = cuộc khảo sát
To starve themselves = nhịn đói
= đội tuyển
= đổ dồn
Body part
= phần cơ thể